If choosing an architect is to choose a jurisdiction recognized by law, a relationship of trust between the client and the architect is a fundamental for the success of the project. The architect's role is primarily to listen; from needs, tastes, lifestyle, architect helps the client to define the project : disposal sites, judicious use of surfaces, organization of interior spaces, appearance ... The architect does not sell or model, or standard plan, for a project shall not impose a lifestyle standardized. It organizes space according to tastes and needs and constraints plays to offer greater customization and bespoke. The architect ensures that the construction will be "responsible", that its inclusion in the harmonious territory will. And it ensures to minimize the impact of buildings on the environment by preserving existing building density. It focuses on locally available materials or whose environmental impact is low. The registered architect in its approach to eco-efficiency logic that ensures the reduction of energy consumption and good thermal performance of the building. A "bioclimatic" design ensures comfort winter and summer seasonal avoiding overconsumption.

    The practice and use the title of architect are regulated. No one may practice and use the title architect without being insured and registered in a regional picture of the Ordre des architectes. Missions entrusted to the architect are subject to a written contract, clearly indicating the mutual obligations of each. The award of the contract project management is an obligation imposed by the professional code of duty. The architect must be insured to cover all acts involving professional liability, ie for : cover professional commitments .

    For individuals wishing to build or rehabilitate it themselves, the use of the architect is required if the surface of the building (use other than agricultural) exceeds 170 m2. For legal persons, the use of the architect is required to design and build any project subject to an application for a building permit, whether the construction of a house, transformation or expansion of a building, a local professional, business or activity.